This six week women's Bible study focuses on gardens and plants in the Bible, as well as on the spiritual application of the garden-related lessons. This 228-page coil-bound workbook includes six Bible study lessons, six gardening class lessons with loads of helpful articles, plus leader/mentor helps. Gardening topics include container gardening, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, pests and diseases, and herbs. A great way to get better acquainted with The Master Gardener!

Bible Lessons

    1. In the Beginning.....Genesis 1.....The wonder of God's creation

    2. A TIme to Plant.....Luke 8:4-15.....What we sow we will reap

    3. Consider the Lilies.....Matthew 6:25-34.....How to win over worry and anxiety

    4. I Am the Vine......John 15:1-8.....God's pruning in our lives

    5. Thorns among Seeds....Matthew 13:24-43.....How to deal with difficult people

    6. The Balm of Gilead.....Jeremiah 8:22.....How to find peace through forgiveness

Garden Classes

    1. Containers and Beginners Gardening...(Planning, Selection,Detailed Projects)

    2. Annuals....(Identification, Maintenance and Soil Preparation)

    3. Perennials....(Identification. Maintenance and Propagation)

    4. Trees and Shrubs...(Selection, Planting, and Pruning)

    5. Pests and Diseases...(Identification and Management)

    6. Herbs...(Cultivation and Usage)

Suggested Gardening Resources

Information for Mentors

     Help for Bible Study Leaders

     Help for Gardening Mentors

     How to Prepare a Gardening Manual for your location