Dear Gardening Friends,

  We learned a great deal about gardening and the Bible this year while taking "In His Garden" here in central Virginia. We held two classes, one in the morning and another for our working gals in the evening. We had over 40 women involved this year and we made many wonderful, new friends! Be sure to check out our photos and current activities on the internet at:

  Many women across the country enjoy IHG classes in their communities and we love receiving comments from leaders and participants about what they learned from it. We hope you will decide to start a study in your area this year.

     We now have an "In His Garden Alumni Group"in our area involving all those who have participated in our classes in past years.We are meeting together 3-4 times a year at various garden centers,etc. to hear their experts instruct us on topics of seasonal interest. During this past winter we featured holiday decorating ideas with fresh greenery; a program in January on " Attracting Birds and Butterflies to Your Garden"; and in March a class on "Vegetable Gardening for Small Spaces".Everyone enjoys the renewal of friendships....and learning new gardening skills! 

    If you are just visiting our site for the first time be sure to look over the contents page and discover all the helpful information included in our workbook. We are eager to help you start classes in your church or community, so don't hesitate to contact us. You may order books directly from me or

        Blessings and Happy Gardening, Charlotte Swearingen

                                                                    Isaiah 58:11

                                                                        Master Gardener Lillian Umphlett shows how to create different kinds of  attractive containers in Class #1. 

                          *****More class photos can be found on our Facebook page.